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Our expertise comes from experience within all aspects of the MICE and Inbound Tourism industry. This experience enables us create your dream wedding.
Our added value comes from the unique combination of individual experts, giving us a unique capability to assist from start to finish in planning your destination wedding.


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With our team of experts alongside you every step of the way, we will ensure the journey and experience is stress free and your big moment truly magical!


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South and Southern Africa is one of the most beautiful places on the African continent and in the world. There is endless variety for couples to choose from for a wedding destination/venue.
Trust our team to assist you in the best destination and venue selections, meeting all of your unique requirements.

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The `Weddings in Africa team’ is passionate about South and Southern Africa as a destination! The team’s skill and expertise lie in offering you exactly the right destination, venue, décor, food and not to forgot the experience,

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Scroll through our previous work - From breathtaking views to mouth-watering local food, we are passionate about making-happily ever, happen!.

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